How to speed up internet connection

If your Internet connection is slow, there are a number of methods to speed it up. Some of the following suggestions can be tried on the spot; others are more complex.

1. Configure your browser so it won’t display graphics, animations, sound, video or other multimedia content (see “How to Turn Off Sounds, Pictures or Video on Web Pages”).

2. Surf when Internet traffic is low. Heaviest traffic is usually on weekends and evenings.

3. Use your cache effectively. “Cache” refers to storage space where your recently visited Web sites are saved. You may need to resize your cache allotment, or you may need to purge your cache periodically. Look through your browser’s menus for items named Cache, Temporary Internet files and so on.

4. Upgrade your modem. 56.6 kb/s modems are the fastest telephone modems available.

5. Consult with your Internet service provider to ensure that your modem is configured correctly.

6. Replace your telephone modem with a fast-access connection such as wave, ISDN, DSL, satellite, a cable modem and so on.

By Registry Setup

This thread is a collections Trick for menTweak Internet Connection on the window by changing the Registry. Please Corrections and response, if still confused and asked the Mod KIT Minhard the herbalist computer, I just took the info from friends .
Change the Open Connection from 10 to 70 000 (SynPacket)

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Servic es \ Tcpip \ Parameters \]
“TcpNumConnections” = dword: 00011170

Priority Setting up Provider

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Serv ICES \ Tcpip \ ServiceProvider.
Change this parameter:
Class – 1
DnsPriority – 1
HostsPriority – 1
LocalPriority – 1
NetbtPriority – 1

Turn off Negative Cache Time

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Servic es \ Dnscache \ Parameters DWORD NegativeCacheTime = 0

Configure Internet Downloads

Start / Run / Regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ RemoteComp uter \ NameSpace

Delete Subkey

Setting Up HTTP Request

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \
“MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server” = Dword: 0000000a
“MaxConnectionsPerServer” = Dword: 0000000a

Increasing in the Global Max TCP Window Size

Only Work for Cable / DSL
not recommended for Dial Up

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Servic es \ Tcpip \ Parameters] “GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize” = dword: 0000ffff

Its Default Value

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Servic es \ Tcpip \ Parameters] “GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize” = dword: 00007fff

Disable QoS Packet Scheduler (nice repost?) – It’s Important

By default Xp melimit bandwidth becomes 20% limit, later changed to 0% of his ways as follows:

start> run> gpedit.msc> Local computer policy> Administrative tempaltes
> Network> QoS Packet Scheduler

double click on the left side of the limit reservable bandwidth, check enabled on the Bandwidth limit%, change to 0 and reboot.

Another Tips

There are some very simple, effective ways to speed up internet connection.


1. There are many different options when it comes to speeding up internet connection. Your choices depend on what kind of internet connection you have: broadband, which includes cable and DSL, satellite, dial-up, Wi-Fi or Wimax. Your speed also depends on the type of device you have to connect to the internet: Desktop PC, Mac, laptop, netbook, smartphone and so on.
2. If you have broadband cable, call your cable company and find out the various options on types of cable service and speed available. There are many options, and sometimes your situation and needs will dictate the speed you should get.
3. To speed up internet connection and make sure your current connection is maximized, get the best modem that you possibly can get. Consult with tech and sales people about this at stores like Best Buy.
4. With wireless connection, it is important to have the best router you can possibly afford in order to speed up internet connection. Follow the directions in step 3 to get the best router possible for your situation.
5. There also may be specials your cable company can offer for certain types of service. Sometimes, they offer routers at discounts which will allow you to connect multiple devices to the internet through wireless technology.
6. If you have DSL, follow the directions in Step 2. Call your provider and see what options they have to speed up the connection.
7. With Satellite connection, there are many benefits, but it is very difficult to speed up the satellite connection the internet.
8. With dial-up connection, internet connection will be slow. The only way to speed it up is to get the fastest computer (CPU, motherboard, hard drive, RAM) possible and try to move up to cable or DSL.
9. Wireless connection is also difficult to speed up. A reliable way to speed up internet connection is to follow Step 8. To get the fastest internet connection possible, try to get the best, fastest computer you can.


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